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Access mobile broadband on your iPad

So you’ve got yourself one of this year’s top gadgets, the uber stylish iPad. While not a necessity (is it a laptop, is it an e-reader?) the iPad’s definitely a luxury coveted by the tech obsessed. The main point of it, is a cool way to connect to the Internet on the go and, as with a Smartphone, you can use mobile broadband – but not through a dongle, like your laptop, or a traditional phone SIM.

iPad micro SIM

All that style means that unfortunately, iPad’s are low on connectivity ports, so there’s nowhere to put a USB dongle. What you need is an iPad micro SIM. Like a standard SIM it stores information, but at half the size of the one you put in your mobile. With the iPad SIM you’ll be able to access mobile broadband wherever you get a 3G signal. Once connected, you’re in for a great online experience, with a crystal-clear screen, excellent usability, plus lots of software and apps to further enhance your surfing pleasure.

Even if you’ve got an iPhone, the SIM for this won’t fit in your iPad, so don’t try! Before you rush to the shops to buy your iPad micro SIM, make sure your iPads a 3G version – it might be more pricey, but it’s worth spending the extra cash – without one you won’t be able to use mobile broadband to access the Internet phone, only Wi-Fi.

iPad SIM deals

There are a range of iPad SIM deals available, so make sure you get the best one to suit your needs. Some tie you in to a contract, others are pay monthly and some offer added bonuses, such as free access to the Times online.

Check the data allowance – if you want to download lots, you may consider topping this up, as if you exceed contracted usage, then you’re likely to pay a hefty price. As this is still a relatively new technology, there will be different deals coming on the market shortly, so keep up to date on comparison sites, like Broadband Genie. If you have an iPhone already, you may be able to add 3G for your iPad to an existing package – check with your provider for more information.

Once you’ve got your SIM card, insert into the slot provided and then connect to your Apple Mac or Windows PC. Open up iTunes, connect to the 3G service and follow the on-device instructions, or the guidelines supplied with the iPad SIM card.

If you buy an iPad and mainly use it at home, accessing your own Wi-Fi, then you might not need to go down the SIM card route. If situations change however, then that’s fine – you can sign-up to the 3G service at anytime, not just when you first buy the iPad. Access your iPad around the world

If you’re planning to travel with the iPad, apart from Wi-Fi hotspots, available pretty much anywhere in the world, you can also access 3G by purchasing a micro SIM card from a local network provider. Your UK deal or package is unlikely to cover accessing the Internet overseas – don’t be presumptuous or you could end up with very expensive bills. Check the terms and conditions of your provider before you jump on a plane.

They’re beautiful, desirable and pretty clever too – sounds like the ideal partner for anyone that’s looking for a no expense spared way to access the Internet on the go. Do away with the small screen on your Smartphone and forget the amount of space taken up by your laptop, get yourself an iPad and an iPad SIM to enjoy Apples latest craze practically anywhere in the world.  .

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of iPad SIM Genie and Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison websites for iPad SIM cards and Mobile Phones

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