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Excitement Building for iPhone 5

With Apple now looking at September 2011 for debuting the latest in the iPhone series, anticipation is seriously growing for just what might be coming next to thrill and delight the ever demanding smartphone market.

Other than the usual assurances that the cleverly titled Iphone 5 will be thinner, lighter and much more exciting than it’s previous incarnations, the handset itself will carry an 8 megapixel rear facing camera that should outdo the already excellent standard currently seen on the 5 megapixel version, boosting image resolution clearly into the ‘awesome’ category.

Having an upgraded processor is pretty much a given for any type of new hardware release, and the dual-core A5 that is currently used in the iPad 2 is also promised for the new iPhone, making it even more powerful than the iPhone 4.

Rumors are, however, still rife as to whether the 5 will have a curved glass display like the newer generation of iPods carry, and possibly even a rear flash separated from the camera lens on the other side of the case to cut back on that infamous photo red-eye found on iPhone 4 images.

With Apple releasing a new version of their operating system, iOS 5 at around the same time, it is anticipated that with features such as iMessage (which is set to rival the Blackberry Messenger) and the Notification Center (designed for keeping up to date with notifications from just about every imaginable social media and email system possible) as well as a host of others that have been asked for over the years, fingers and thumbs should keep tapping and sliding over the smoothly tactile and glossy screen for a long time to come, and this new iPhone should attract even most hardened users who have so far stuck by other systems.

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