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Exciting Features of the New iPad 2

With the new iPad 2 being shipped in February 2011, everyone’s wondering about the great new features that the iPad 2 will have. Once you read about what the iPad 2 offers, you will be at your nearest electronics store waiting to pre-order!

The current Apple iPhone enjoys Apple’s Retina Display. The Retina Display is a crisp, vibrant, high-definition screen that beats all other screens available today. The current iPad lacks the Retina Display, and it’s a great possibility that the iPad 2 will have a Retina Display. With a clearer display, people are sure to choose the iPad over competing models with lower screen quality.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is known for claiming that the next iPad will be released before competitors have even caught up to the currently existing model. It’s rumored that the new iPad will offer a 7 inch screen size in addition to the current 9 inch screen size. This new screen size offers greater portability and also provides an opportunity for a lower-cost iPad. This opens the iPad market to more consumers who may not be able to afford the larger iPad.

FaceTime is another one of Apple’s great innovations. It’s currently available on the iPhone, Mac, and iPod Touch. FaceTime allows you to call anyone over WiFi and connect with them face to face. This addition would put the iPad on the same level as other Apple products and crush the competition.

With these great features, the iPad 2 will thrill consumers and blow away competitors.

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