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Introducing The Galaxy S II Smartphone By Samsung

Mobile customers are in for a treat from Samsung as the Galaxy S II smartphone hits the market. Building on the smashing success of the original Galaxy S, its second generation comes packed with more processing power, a better display and the latest version of Android.

This exciting new phone come equipped with the latest dual core mobile processor from ARM. The 1.2 GHz system on a chip features the Cortex A9 with a Mali-400 GPU on board to deliver substantial performance enhancements over the first Galaxy S product.

With two processing cores, users enjoy blazing speeds for flawless movies, videos and video conferencing. The advanced CPU also ensures compatibility with future versions of Android which could soon require a dual core processor as a minimum system requirement.

Samsung, already known for its outstanding Super AMOLED mobile display technology, outdid itself with the Galaxy S II by equipping it with its new 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus panel. This new screen boasts a higher pixel count than the original and is by many accounts the biggest selling point of the new device.

Another reason to love the Galaxy S II smartphone is because it packs all this power while remaining remarkably light and thin. With a thickness of just one-third of an inch, the Galaxy S II can easily fit in virtually any pocket; the 116g weight means that the device is easy to use and carry. The innovative curved sides make the smartphone easy to grip.

In spite of the brilliant screen and massive processing power, the Galaxy S II achieves impressive battery life. While using 3G, the battery is rated to last longer than 8.5 hours and more than 18 hours while talking.

Samsung has produced an amazing sequel to its popular Galaxy S phone, which virtually every mobile phone user will appreciate, should they choose to buy it.

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