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Mobile Phone Comparison: Top 3 Mobile Phones for Gaming


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When it comes to gaming on the go, fans no longer have to choose between their handheld gaming device and a smartphone. These multitasking pieces of technology now offer the advantages of smooth graphics, large game environments, and even decent texting and calling plan. Here is a ‘mobile phone comparison’ for the true gamers that are tired of lugging around multiple devices everywhere they go.

HTC Magic

HTC has come a long way since their days of cheap prepaid phones. This company has become one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world, and for good reason. Their HTC Magic is a respectable gaming machine that is running off of the Android operating system and Android app market. For those that have owned the HTC G1, the Magic is going to feel quite natural outside of the lack of a dedicated QWERTY keyboard.

The phone has been slimmed down while the screen size has been slightly increased. Between the over-sized screen, 512 MB of RAM, and the upgraded accelerometer, this smartphone handles most games quite well. Problems do arise with the home and navigational buttons at the bottom of the phone though. With the phone tilted horizontally, it is quite easy to accidentally press the Home button, instantly exiting the game. This can become a serious problem for games that require intense button-smashing.


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Xperia Play

When PlayStation announced that is was going to be releasing a gaming phone, many Sony fans looked on with horror. Previous incarnations of gaming phones have fizzled out into the land of rubbish handheld devices. When the first analysts got their hands on this phone, their tune immediately changed. Xperia Play is one of the most comfortable mobile gaming platforms that has ever been created. Taking a page out of Nokia’s book, the Xperia Play flips open to a fully-functional handheld gaming device. The control buttons are what set this phone apart as they are a near identical match to PlayStation’s traditional controls.

PlayStation opted to put their Xperia Play on the Android operating system as well as offering their downloadable games on the Android marketplace. The 1 Ghz Scorpion processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system handles even the most complex and graphic-intensive games superbly. The base model comes with an 8 GB micro memory card that can be upgraded all the way up to 32 GB, enough to store quite a few games. It also comes with The Sims 3, Asphalt Adrenaline 6, Bruce Lee, Star Battalion, and Tetris pre-installed onto the smartphone. For any gamer that is looking to get the most out of their smartphone, the Xperia Play finds itself at the top of the pile.


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Apple iPhone 4

No ‘mobile phone comparison’ can be made made without mentioning Apple’s iPhone. While the iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones in the world, it simply was not made for serious gaming. This does not completely exclude it from the list as it does have a handful of redeeming qualities. One of the key features of the smartphone is its overwhelming app market. Coming in at nearly a half-million apps, there are plenty of games to choose, ranging from fantasy RPGs to simple math games. Due to the competition in the app market, many of these games are quite affordable, if not completely free. The community that has been built up around the app market also offers insight into which games are worth the download time and which games will not be opened up a second time. Players are encouraged to rate and review every game they play, and most are painfully honest.

The specs backing the iPhone 4 may not be at the top end of the spectrum, but they will run most games nicely. The base model comes with 16GB of memory, but much of this will be used up by background programs. The standout feature for this phone is the screen which runs at a brilliant 960-by-640-pixel resolution. It is also made of a smudge-resistant material that will save owners the trouble of wiping the screen after every few minutes of gaming. In the end, the iPhone 4 may be one of the most popular phones in the world, but it still was not directed at the dedicated gamer.

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