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Most Wanted Mobile Device for the 2010 Holidays: iPhone 4

The most popular mobile device on the market that is on everyone’s wishlist for the holiday season is the Apple iPhone 4. The fourth generation in the iPhone family, the iPhone 4 as everything a mobile users wants in a smartphone: 3G broadband Internet, a MP3 player with iPod functionality, video recording in HD, millions of apps to choose from to extend the iPhone to the next level.

The iPhone 4 introduces a few new features compared the the previous iPhone 3 and 3GS. The iPhone 4 is touted for having the popular Retina Display for the best screen quality on a phone in the market. Compared to the previous models, the Retina Display eliminates pixels from the screen and making reading text easy on the eyes, even in full sunlight.

Another new feature on the iPhone 4 is the FaceTime application. With FaceTime, an iPhone 4 user can participate with other users in a video conference using the iPhone 4′s new frontal camera. Unlike third-party apps that support video conferencing, FaceTime is only available on a Wi-Fi connection, but it does not stop the fun of FaceTime.

The biggest feature of the iPhone 4 is in fact a most requested feature since the release of the first iPhone is the ability to switch between applications. With the new iOS 4 iPhone operating system, apps can be switched back and fourth: whether it is leaving a game to read an important e-mail, or changing the song on a music app to reading the latest headlines in another app, it can now be done.

With all these exciting features, it is obvious to see why the iPhone 4 is the hottest item for Christmas. Buying a iPhone 4 for that special someone can be the best gift of the year, if not ever, especially for smartphone and technology enthusiasts.

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