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RIM Continues to Improve Devices Blackberry Bold Touch Screen

Research In Motion has been producing smart phones for a number of years. The BlackBerry phone has long been the standard when it comes to a business mobile phone.

The higher level of security with these phones makes it perfect for many companies who view e-mail and Internet privacy to be important. Many businesses and government agencies choose Blackberry phones over iPhones for this main reason.

Traditionally, BlackBerry phones have always included a QWERTY keyboard. In the last few years, with other manufacturers offering touchscreens, RIM has added such a phone to their lineup. The first phone to feature a touchscreen was the Storm. The first generation screen was not up to par with other manufacturers. After the second generation model was rolled out, RIM had greatly improved the technology. Now there are additional models such as the Bold. The Torch phone is a slider that features a touchscreen and a small QWERTY keyboard.

In an effort to keep up with the competition, the BlackBerry devices come with a wide variety of features and apps that are geared toward the social user. These are no longer strictly for business use. The variety of apps is not like that which can be found on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Marketplace, but a lot of the popular and main titles are there. New versions of their popular phones are being released to compete with the Android models and the iPhone. Blackberry models have been revamped to include a faster internet browser. Bold and Torch models have been redesigned and released and are sure to compete well with other popular smart phones.

As long as RIM continues to release reliable an unique products, they should not go anywhere for a long time.

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