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The New Nintendo 3DS Continues to Shine

Never a company to follow trends, Nintendo has developed a reputation as a trend-setter. The Japanese multi-national corporation continued that pattern this past Spring with the release of the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the popular Nintendo DS.

Going a step further than its predecessor, the 3DS features a three-dimensional stereoscopic effect by utilizing the autostereoscopy process. The result is the world’s first handheld video game that features glasses-free 3-D. The experience, to no one’s surprise, is totally unique and once again proves that Nintendo, never content to be just “one of the pack,” has done it once more.

First impressions do matter, and the 3DS may not pass the “first look” test with many gamers. After the smooth curves of the DS, the 3DS, in comparison, looks almost “plain,” but once it’s in hand, users will immediately see that the improved functionality overshadows any doubts about the style. Another marked difference from the DS is the 3DS’ ultra glossy finish. It may take hardcore gamers awhile to adapt to the smoother “grip,” of the 3DS, but it’s a minor complaint.

The 3DS display features a top screen that measures 3 1/2 inches diagonally, while the bottom screen measures in at just over 3 inches. The 3DS screen resolution is much higher than the DS Lite screen, giving the user a wider playing area as well as incredible 3-D graphics.

The exterior features dual VGA cameras; one for taking 3-D pictures and one for scanning AR (Augmented Reality) cards. Left and right clickers are situated near the rear hinge, along with game cartridge slots, a charging port, an infrared beam port and a retractable stylus. The left side features a sliding volume control, SD card slot, a wireless toggle switch and on the bottom is an audio jack.

The 3DS comes with loads of software, including a unique Activity Log which tracks game play and has the additional feature of counting each step taken, which allows the user to accumulate Play Coins, which can be
redeemed for special games and applications. Also included is a fully functional Internet browser that is “game-friendly,” allowing gamers to pause a game without having to restart.

The Face Raiders built-in game is sure to give gamers a fun, new experience with its ability to take your own pictures which can then be inserted into an actual game.

The Nintendo 3DS initial color launch offers Blue and Cosmo Black, with Flame Red available in September.


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