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The Xbox 360 Kinetic, Hands-Free Motion Control System

With the highly esteemed motion controller that Nintendo introduced in its Wii gaming console we knew it wouldn’t be long at all before its main competitors decided to create their own versions. Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox 360 will get hands-free motion control in an attempt to compete directly with the Wii.

Kinetic is the official name of the new control system, although before the announcement was made, Microsoft referred to it as Project Natal. The new hands-free controller is projected to be released by year’s end. Microsoft’s plan is for the Xbox 360 to compete head on with Sony’s Playstation Move controller and Nintendo’s WiiMotion Plus.

The system will offer facial and voice recognition. One example provided was the capacity to control the motion of a light saber on screen by utilizing hand movements. The control system will also facilitate such actions as synchronization of dance moves versus an on screen command prompt as shown in MTV Game’s Dance Central.

As sound and graphics have attained near life like experiences a greater number of video game makers are now looking for new ways to immerse the gamer. By getting them more physically involved in games, the game makers are hoping to give gamers another reason to continue playing.

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